Portuguese / Latin Edition of the Cursus Conimbricensis – Vol. 3: “De Caelo” (Part 1)

More information and purchase First part of the Coimbra commentary on Aristotle's De Caelo, known as Coimbra Jesuit Commentaries on Aristotle, published in Lisbon 1593 by Manuel de Góis (1543-1597). Here Góis comments and discusses subject matters such as the [...]

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“Somnia. Il sogno dall’antichità all’età moderna”, by C. Buccolini and P. Totaro (eds), ILIESI Digitale 2021

More information and free PDF download This volume, mostly in Italian, deals with crucial moments in the philosophical debate on dreams, from antiquity and late antiquity to the modern age. Starting from a historical-critical overview by Tullio Gregory, this book [...]

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“Plants in Early Modern Knowledge: History, Philosophy, and Medicine” Online Seminar, March-June 2021

More information Organizer: Dr. Fabrizio Baldassarri, within the CREMT @ Ca' Foscari Link zoom: unive.zoom.us/j/89254416812 For any information and the zoom link, please write to manipulatingflora@gmail.com March 22, h. 17.30 (Rome) Antonio Clericuzio (University Roma Tre), “Experiments with the Resurrections of Plants: Palingenesis in Early [...]

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Quaestio N. 20: “Doctor Fundatissimus. Giles of Rome: His Thought and Influence”, ed. by M. Benedetto, F. Marrone, P. Porro

More information and purchase Quaestio n. 20 has been published. The volume contains a special issue on Giles of Rome, edited by Marienza Benedetto, Francesco Marrone, and Paquale Porro. Table of Contents Julie Brumberg-Chaumont, ‘Logica hominis in via’ : anthropologie, [...]

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Workshop: “Subject Indexing Early Modern Dissertations: Towards a Methodology for ML-based Text Classification Using Metadata”, 17 February 2021

More information Workshop held by Stefan Heßbrüggen and Jörg Walter @ Development and Application of Category Systems for Text Research - 4th forTEXT expert workshop, 17 February 2021 For a digital historian of philosophy, VD17, Germany's national bibliography of prints [...]

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“Cognitive Issues in the Long Scotist Tradition”, Online Conference, 11-13 February 2021 @ University of South Bohemia

More information Online Conference, 11-13 February 2021 Faculty of Theology at the University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice (Budweis) Organized by Daniel Heider and Claus A. Andersen, University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) The conference will be held on Microsoft Teams Zoom. If [...]

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“La teoria della conoscenza di Francisco Macedo”, by Anna Tropia

More information and purchase Thomas and Scotus are among the most representative philosophers of medieval thought. In the wake of a long tradition of interpretation, the Franciscan theologian Francisco Macedo (Coimbra 1596-Padua 1681) compares their systems, offering today's reader a [...]

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“Aristotelian Subjectivism: Francisco Suárez’s Philosophy of Perception”, by Daniel Heider

More information and purchase This monograph, published by Springer, presents new material on Francisco Suárez’s comprehensive theory of sense perception. The core theme is perceptual intentionality in Suárez’s theory of the senses, external and internal, as presented in his Commentaria [...]

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“Aristoteles Asianus: Aristotle’s works, the Coimbra Texts, and Jesuits’ Chinese Translations in the Seventeenth Century” @ Seoul National University

More information Organized by the Institutes of Humanities and Greco-Roman Studies at Seoul National University (Seoul National University), this event will take place from 1 to 3 February 2021. On the 1st of February, at 18:10-19:00  (KST time zone) Mário [...]

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Call for 2021 Summer Luce Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships

The Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History University of San Francisco (USF) The USF Ricci Institute is a premier global resource for the study of Chinese-Western cultural exchange with a core focus on the social and cultural history of Christianity in [...]

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“Matter” and its semantic correlations. Some Ancient and Modern Examples

Online event and a first step in the research project by Elena Rapetti, Savina Raynaud and Nicoletta Scotti according to the D.1 line grants (2019-20), financed by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and undertaken in its Philosophy Department under the title [...]

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“Nutrition and Nutritive Soul in Aristotle and Aristotelianism”, ed. by Giouli Korobili and Roberto Lo Presti

More information and purchase This volume, published by De Gruyter within the series "Topics in Ancient Philosophy" is a detailed study of the concept of the nutritive capacity of the soul and its actual manifestation in living bodies (plants, animals, [...]

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“Baroque Metaphysics. Studies on Francisco Suárez”, by Simone Guidi

Download | More information and purchase This book collects six unpublished and published academic studies on the thought of Francisco Suárez, which is addressed through accurate textual analyses and meticulous contextualization of his doctrines in the Scholastic debate. The present [...]

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“Descartes and the Ingenium. The Embodied Soul in Cartesianism”, ed. by R. Garrod and A. Marr

More information and purchase Edited by Raphaële Garrod (Oxford) and Alexander Marr (Cambridge), “Descartes and the Ingenium” tracks the significance of embodied thought (ingenium) in the philosophical trajectory of the founding father of dualism. The first part of the book [...]

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“Miguel Venegas and the Earliest Jesuit Theater”, by Margarida Miranda

More information and purchase In Miguel Venegas and the Earliest Jesuit Theater, Margarida Miranda takes a fresh look at the origins of Jesuit theater and provides a detailed account of the life and work of Miguel Venegas (1529–after 1588) within the [...]

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“Les Passions de l’âme et leur réception philosophique”, edited by Giulia Belgioioso and Vincent Carraud

More information and purchase Les Passions de l'âme is Descartes's last published work. When it appeared in 1649, both in Amsterdam and in Paris, the philosopher was already in Stockholm, invited by Christine of Sweden. Yet, it is for sure [...]

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