“Escritos sobre escravidão”, by Lúcio Álvaro Marques and João Paulo Rodrigues Pereira

More information and free download "Escritos sobre escravidão" ("Writings on Slavery") is a new publication (203 pp. in Portuguese), by Lúcio Álvaro Marques and João Paulo Rodrigues Pereira. It collects several modern works (16th-19th century) on slavery, mainly from Jesuit [...]

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Portuguese / Latin Edition of the Cursus Conimbricensis – Vol. 2: “Ethica”

More information and purchase Among all the Commentaries on the ‘Nichomachean Ethics’ by Aristotle, the Jesuit Coimbra Commentary (16th Century), written by Manuel de Góis, as a part of the widely known Jesuit Coimbra Commentaries (1592-1606), has its particularities. It [...]

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Os jesuítas e o ensino da astrologia no colégio de Santo Antão 

Seminário História dos Jesuítas | 14 de Julho de 2020 18h30 - Brotéria Falar de astrologia no contexto da história dos Jesuítas parece estranho, quase absurdo. É aliás frequentemente assumido que a Sociedade de Jesus era completamente oposta a tais [...]

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“Francisco Suárez. Metaphysics, Politics and Ethics”, ed. by Mário Santiago de Carvalho, Manuel Lázaro Pulido, Simone Guidi

More information and free download This volume publishes the Proceedings of the 1st International Meeting "Thinking Baroque in Portugal" (26-28 June 2017), which dealt with the metaphysical, ethical and political thinking of Francisco Suárez. Counting on the collaboration of some [...]

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“Dicionário do Curso Filosófico Conimbricense”, by Mário Santiago de Carvalho

More information and purchase With more than five-hundred entries, the present Dictionary (published, in Portuguese, by Palimage) is the result of one of the multiple lines of research carried out by the Institute for Philosophical Studies at the University of [...]

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“Skepticism in Philosophy. A Comprehensive, Historical Introduction”, by H. Lagerlund

More information and purchase In this book, Henrik Lagerlund offers the first complete history of what is perhaps the most famous of all philosophical problems: skepticism. As the first of its kind, the book traces the influence of philosophical skepticism [...]

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Portuguese / Latin Edition of the Cursus Conimbricensis – Vol. 1: “Comentários aos ‘Parva Naturalia’”

More information and purchase Aristotle's work known under the Latin name Parva Naturalia had an undeniable, international philosophical fortune. Among all the comments that this text knew, the most relevant is surely that made in Coimbra, in the 16th century, by [...]

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“Active Cognition. Challenges to an Aristotelian Tradition”, ed. by Véronique Decaix and Ana María Mora-Márquez

More information and purchase This edited work is edited by Véronique Decaix and Ana María Mora-Márquez, and published by Springer in 2020. The book draws on a range of contributed expertise to trace the fortune of an Aristotelian thesis over [...]

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Post-Doc @ Stockholm University: “The Mechanization of Philosophy between 1300 and 1700”

More information | Closing date: 31 March 2020. The Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University invites applications for a full-time three-year post-doctoral position in the history of philosophy. The position is funded by the Swedish Research Council grant: "The Mechanization [...]

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“Jesuit Logic and Late Ming China. Lectures on the Cursus Conimbricensis”, ed. by Cristiano Casalini

More information and purchase Jesuit missionaries and Chinese literati first introduced Aristotelian logic to China during the late Ming dynasty (in the first half of the 17th century). They collaborated to translate this specific part of the Cursus Conimbricensis, a [...]

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“Francisco Suárez 1617-2017” ed. by C. Faraco and S. Langella

This volume (312 pp.), edited by Cintia Faraco and Simona Langella and published by Artetetra Edizioni in 2019, collects the Proceedings of the Congress "Francisco Suárez 1617-2017 - Convegno in occasione del IV centenario della sua morte". All the papers [...]

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FCT-Funded Post-Doc Research Positions in Philosophy (Up to 6 Years)

The Institute for Philosophical Studies (IEF) at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra (FLUC) welcomes and supports qualified candidates interested in applying for fix-term (up to 6 years) research positions in Philosophy, funded by the [...]

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CFP: Heavens on Trial @ University of Venice

The ERC Group Early Modern Cosmology (based at Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice, GA n. 725883), in partnership with the Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, invites applications for the summer symposium Heavens on Trial Venice and the Venetian Alps, [...]

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University of Groningen: Post-doc in History of Philosophy

Post-doc in History of Philosophy (1.0 FTE) (219626) More information Organisation Since its founding in 1614, the University of Groningen has enjoyed an international reputation as a dynamic and innovative centre of higher education offering high-quality teaching and research. We [...]

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CFP: “From Hylomorphism to Early Modern Theories of Matters”

15th International Colloquium for the History of Natural Philosophy 26th-29th of May 2020 University of Campinas, Brazil Call for Papers open until January 30th, 2020 Send a proposal with name, institution, title, and an abstract up to 700 words to [...]

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Questiones Quodlibetales III

21 gennaio 2020 R. Salis (Università degli Studi di Padova) Il commento di Alessandro di Afrodisia al libro Γ della Metafisica di Aristotele: le origini della dottrina dell’analogia dell’essere F. Zanin (Liceo ginnasio G. B. Brocchi, Bassano del Grappa) Univocità [...]

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