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This volume collects a selection of essays arising from the papers presented at the Study Days “Women, Philosophy of Nature and Science” held in Rome from 2019 to 2022 and organized by Delfina Giovannozzi and Sandra Plastina. This initiative singles out the focus of reflection on the contribution of women to Western cultural history starting from their presence in philosophical and scientific debates over a rather wide time span, although investigated with inevitable partiality through a selection of female figures differently inserted in the coeval intellectual confrontation. From the naturalistic writings of Hildegard of Bingen, through the readings of the Stagirite’s texts-filtered by the spread of Vulgar Aristotelianism-by Fiammetta Frescobaldi, Camilla Erculiani and Lucrezia Marinella, up to the participation in the debate on Cartesianism of Giuseppa Eleonora Barbapiccola and the disputes on the ontological nature of space that puts Catharine Cockburn in dialogue with the major English philosophers of the 18th century, the volume also reflects on the central role of women who translated philosophical-scientific texts or measured themselves with more technical disciplines related to medicine, such as Anna Morandi. In the background, serving as a unifying thread, are the cultural contexts in which this participation took place, from convent solitude to apothecaries and salons to the confines of university lecture halls and major cultural institutions, in which women often found a role in the shadow of more visible male careers.