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This international online seminar series is organized by Simone Guidi and Enrico Pasini at the CNR’s Institute for the european intellectual lexicon and history of ideas (CNR-ILIESI) and is associated with a forthcoming special issue of the Aristotelica journal. It aims to bring together leading scholars in the history of late medieval, Renaissance, and early modern Aristotelianism, invited to examine significant case studies in the development of Aristotelian terminology connected with natural philosophy.

From the fourteenth century until the end of the sixteenth century, Aristotelian natural philosophy underwent slight but significant conceptual adjustments. These changes are due to a number of intertwining factors, such as the eclecticism of the Nominalistic schools, the introduction of new textual practices, the rediscovery of alternative ancient sources, and the rising of non-Aristotelian trends in natural philosophy. As a tradition constructed in particular through dialectical reasoning and upon seeking proper definitions, Aristotelianism reveals these novelties, primarily via the development of new terminology, or in the adaptation of the vocabulary of medieval schools to new conceptual frameworks.


Session 1 | 17 October 2023, 3PM CET

  • Christoph Sander • Least Attractive? Aristotelian Presuppositions to Explain Magnetic Movements
  • Olivier Ribordy • “Nothing New Under the Sun”? Observations of Sunspots and New Views on the World in the Early-modern Period

Session 2 | 07 November 2023, 3PM CET

  • Daniel Di Liscia • The Notion of impetus in Late Medieval and Early-modern Science
  • Sylvain Roudaut • The Transformations of Heat in Late Scholastic Natural Philosophy

Session 3 | 14 November 2023, 3PM CET

  • Erik Åkerlund • Matter in Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza
  • Enrico Pasini • Aristotle Meets Infinity

Session 4 | 28 November 2023, 3PM CET

  • Fabrizio Bigotti • Life is the Capacity to Resist Decay. Medical Adaptations of Potentia and Capacitas from Late Scholasticism to Stahl
  • Yuan Tao • Elusive “Auditory Species” in Jesuit Theories of Sound

Session 5 | 12 December 2023, 3PM CET

  • Pietro D. Omodeo • Reflections on the Transformation of Cosmological Concepts in Renaissance Naturalism
  • Iolanda Ventura • Aristotelian Vocabulary in Silvestro Mauro’s Aristotelis Opera