Pedro da Fonseca: A Bibliography

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This is the’s Bibliography on Pedro da Fonseca (1528-1599). This Bibliography is an updated version of João Madeira’s Bibliografia de e sobre Pedro da Fonseca (Revista Filosófica de Coimbra, 29/2006), and it will be annually updated by us with new publications.

Our bibliographies are entirely digital, based on BibTex files you can download or directly update on your Zotero account through the “Cite” button. They are organized thematically, in order to show all the results about a single topic. This means that results matching more than one topic are intentionally shown in all the sections.

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References or Introductions

Fonseca and the Jesuits

Fonseca’s Metaphysics & Gnosiology

Fonseca’s Logic

Fonseca’s Philosophy of Language

Fonseca’s Theology

Fonseca and the Scientia Dei

Fonseca’s Pedagogy

Fonseca and the Conimbricenses