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Bruniana & Campanelliana 2022/1 features a special section, edited by Simone Guidi, on “Parts, Wholes, and Matter in Early Modern Natural Philosophy”.

Section Contents:

  • Simone Guidi, Introduction;
  • Andrew W. Arlig, Part-Whole Interdependence and the Presence of Form in Matter According to Some Fifteenth-Century Platonists;
  • Jean-Pascal Anfray, Aux limites de la métaphysique: parties, indivisibles et contact chez Suárez;
  • Simone Guidi, Indivisibles, Parts, and Wholes in Rubio’s Treatise on the Composition of Continuum (1605);
  • Dana Jalobeanu, Dissecting Nature ‘ad vivum’: Parts and Wholes in Francis Bacon’s Natural Philosophy;
  • Carla Rita Palmerino, From Active Matter to Inertia, from Celerity to Slowness: the Motion of Atoms and of Compound Bodies in Gassendi’s Physics.

Simone Guidi is a Researcher at the Italian National Research Council – Institute for the European Intellectual Lexicon and History of Ideas (CNR-ILIESI). PhD at the University SAPIENZA of Rome. Formerly Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar) at the University of Coimbra’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLUC) and an FCT Post-Doc Researcher at the University of Coimbra’s Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos (IEF). He is the founder and the editorial coordinator of the project (direction by Mário Santiago de Carvalho), as well as of the international peer-reviewed open access journal “Lo Sguardo” (WoS Journal). He is an editor of the international peer-reviewed journals “Bruniana & Campanelliana” (CNR-ILIESI, SCOPUS Journal), “Quaestio” (SCOPUS Journal), and “Azimuth. Philosophical Coordinates”.