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This book collects the peer-reviewed Proceedings of the Seminar “What is the School of Salamanca?”, held at the Università Pontificia Salesiana in Rome, on September 17-19, 2020, sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and Theology, and co-organized with the Dipartimento di Antichità, Filosofia, Storia (DAFIST) of the Università degli Studi di Genova, the Università del Salento, and the Institute of Hispanic Studies in Modernity (IEHM).

The seminar offers an opportunity for the development of a critical notion of “School of Salamanca”, by comparing the views of fifteen specialists (Mauro Mantovani, Juan Belda Plans, Simona Langella, José Barrientos García, Rafael Ramis Barceló, Juan Cruz Cruz, Mª Idoya Zorroza Huarte, Saverio di Liso, Igor Agostini, José Luis Fuertes Herreros, María Martín Gómez, José Luis Egío, Manuel Lázaro Pulido, José Ángel García Cuadrado and David Torrijos Castillejo). There are fifteen variations on the theme “What is the School of Salamanca?”, which address its antecedents, definition, development and projection.