About Cintia Faraco

Cintia Faraco is a researcher (RTDa) in Political Philosophy at the University of Naples Federico II. Her area of research focuses on political obligation, freedom, power, war and justice declined mostly within the thought of the Second Iberian School (in particular Francisco Suárez, Gabriel Vázquez and others) and also of archaic Greek thought. Her publications include: Obbligo politico e libertà nel pensiero di Francisco Suárez, FrancoAngeli, Milan, 2013; Francisco Suárez, Trattato dell’opera dei sei giorni. V. (Chapters I-II) -VII-VIII-IX-X-XI-XII), translated text, edited and revised by Cintia Faraco, Artetetra Edizioni, Capua, 2015; Suapte natura. L’intrinseca forma razionale della natura: Gabriel Vázquez, FrancoAngeli, Milan, 2017; L’agire politico tra poesia e potere: Solone, Mimesis, 2022.
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