About Jacopo Francesco Falà

Jacopo Francesco Falà studied at the Universities of Rome “Sapienza”, Bari, Coimbra, and Macerata. He defended a PhD dissertation (2017) on Collationes Oxonienses and collaborated on the critical edition of this text. His main interests concern the medieval debates on the univocity of the concept of being, the ontological status of essences and divine ideas – focusing especially on Henry of Ghent, John Duns Scotus and the English Franciscan milieu of the beginning of the 14th century. He has published contributions in reviews and volumes on these issues and on the Franciscan economic thought, the last ones being Divine ideas in the Collationes Oxonienses, in I. ZAVATTERO - J. F. FALÀ (ed. by), Divine Ideas in Franciscan Thought (XIIIth-XIVth century), Aracne Editrice, Canterano 2018, pp. 101-133; Sentido e valor da riqueza comercial e finançeira no pensamento franciscano (XIII-XV séculos), in C. Teixeira de Sousa, G. Cézar de Noronha (eds.), Imaginários, poderes e saberes: história medieval e moderna em debate, Paco Editorial, São Paulo 2018, pp. 53-74; Le Collationes oxonienses di Giovanni Duns Scoto, «Rivista di storia della filosofia», 4/2018, pp. 665-672.
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