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The conference, organized by Claus Asbjørn Andersen and Jacob Schmutz, aims to bring together scholars working on different strands of Late-Medieval and Early-Modern thought. Its broader focus is on the general variety of distinctions (formal, modal, rational, real, etc.) throughout this period’s metaphysics. Special attention will be paid to the Scotist tradition where the genre of “Formalist treatises” flourished, a literature that had Scotist identity and distinction theory as its subject matter.

The conference explores this special kind of literature and demonstrates the centrality of its doctrines in various philosophical and theological contexts from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century.

The conference is a part of the MSCA project FORMALITAS. Funded by the European Union

Salle Ladrière, Collège Mercier, Place Cardinal Mercier, 14, LLN


  • Igor Agostini
  • Claus Asbjørn Andersen
  • Jean-Pascal Anfray
  • Maria Cabré Duran
  • William Duba
  • Russell Friedman
  • Daniel Heider
  • Roberto Hofmeister Pich
  • Can Laurens Löwe
  • Berlin Apaoan Machado
  • Gabriel Müller
  • Daniel D. Novotný
  • Lukáš Novák
  • Rafael Ramis-Barceló
  • Jacob Schmutz
  • Garrett Smith