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This special issue of Studi Lockiani (2, 2021), edited by Luisa Simonutti (ISPF-CNR), is devoted to Locke and Occasionalism. With papers by Igor Agostini, Raffaele Carbone, Matteo Favaretti, Simone Guidi, Nicholas Jolley, Steven Nadler, Mariangela Priarolo.

Table of contents

  • Luisa Simonutti, Introduction. Locke and Occasionalism, p. 7


  • Igor Agostini, Tra aristotelismo ed occasionalismo: la replica di Locke a Malebranche e Norris
  • Raffaele Carbone, God, Nature and Connections: Malebranche’s Conception of Causality and Locke’s Critiques
  • Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero, Occasionalism at a Crossroads: Leibniz’s Debt to Malebranche
  • Simone Guidi, Dagli angeli alle occasioni. Un’ipotesi a partire dal ‘problema della trasduzione’
  • Nicholas Jolley, Locke and the Notion of Power
  • Steven Nadler, Order, Laws and Divine Volitions: Malebranche’s Occasionalism and the Problem of Miracles
  • Mariangela Priarolo, Rethinking Occasionalism: John Locke and the Power(s) of Nature


  • Brunello Lotti, L’ambivalenza di Malebranche
  • Luisa Simonutti, Recent Studies and Considerations on Personhood, Identity and Consciousness in Locke’s Thought


  • Giuliana Di Biase, review of Diego Lucci, John Locke’s Christianity
  • Francesco Terenzio, review of Daniel Layman, Locke among the Radicals. Liberty and Property in the Nineteenth Century
  • Giuliana Di Biase, review of Philippe Hamou and Martine Pécharman (eds.), Locke and Cartesian Philosophy
  • Giuliana Di Biase, review of Nicholas Jolley, Locke’s Touchy Subjects