“Suarez dans l histoire de la métaphysique – Volume I – L’héritage et le débat contemporain”, by J.-P. Coujou

More information The rich and diversified dialogue that Suárez proposes with the history of metaphysics has effects on the representation that the human being implements in relation to the limits of his knowledge, the use of his faculties, and the [...]

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“Pedro da Fonseca: Humanism and Metaphysics”, ed. by S. Guidi, M. S. de Carvalho

More information Also known as the “Portuguese Aristotle”, Pedro da Fonseca S. J. (1527-1599) was a prominent figure in early modern scholasticism and particularly in the history of the Society of Jesus. He laid the groundwork for the publication of [...]

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“Libertad, ley y poder. Bien común y Derechos humanos en la obra de Francisco Suárez”, by Isabel Lafuente

More information and purchase This book deals with the issues, the problems and the solutions that Suárez's iusnaturalistic philosophy poses and offers to human beings and society as regards the notions of freedom, law and power. As Suárez's principle and [...]

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“Immanent Transcendence Francisco Suárez’s Doctrine of Being”, by V. Salas

More information and purchase Long considered one of late scholasticism’s most important thinkers, Francisco Suárez has, paradoxically enough, often been treated only in relation to other medieval authors or as a transitional figure in the shift from medieval to early [...]

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“Parts, Wholes, and Matter in Early Modern Natural Philosophy”, ed. by Simone Guidi

More information and purchase Bruniana & Campanelliana 2022/1 features a special section, edited by Simone Guidi, on "Parts, Wholes, and Matter in Early Modern Natural Philosophy". Section Contents: Simone Guidi, Introduction; Andrew W. Arlig, Part-Whole Interdependence and the Presence of [...]

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“Aristotelian Subjectivism: Francisco Suárez’s Philosophy of Perception”, by Daniel Heider

More information and purchase This monograph, published by Springer, presents new material on Francisco Suárez’s comprehensive theory of sense perception. The core theme is perceptual intentionality in Suárez’s theory of the senses, external and internal, as presented in his Commentaria [...]

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“Nutrition and Nutritive Soul in Aristotle and Aristotelianism”, ed. by Giouli Korobili and Roberto Lo Presti

More information and purchase This volume, published by De Gruyter within the series "Topics in Ancient Philosophy" is a detailed study of the concept of the nutritive capacity of the soul and its actual manifestation in living bodies (plants, animals, [...]

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“Baroque Metaphysics. Studies on Francisco Suárez”, by Simone Guidi

Download | More information and purchase This book collects six unpublished and published academic studies on the thought of Francisco Suárez, which is addressed through accurate textual analyses and meticulous contextualization of his doctrines in the Scholastic debate. The present [...]

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“Francisco Suárez: Metaphysics, Politics and Ethics”: Pre-launch @ University of Coimbra

The volume "Francisco Suárez: Metaphysics, Politics and Ethics. Proceedings of the First International Colloquium ‘Thinking the Baroque’ in Portugal", edited by Mário Santiago de Carvalho, Manuel Lázaro Pulido and Simone Guidi, has been pre-launched during the Conference "The Iberian School [...]

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“Suárez em Lisboa – 1617-2017” – Proceedings of the International Conference

This volume contains and publishes the Proceedings of the International Conference "Suárez em Lisboa - 1617-2017", organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon (Lisbon, 4-6 December 2017). The Proceedings are edited by Pedro Caridade de Freitas, Margarida Seixas and [...]

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Quaestio n. 18 (2019): The Question of the Thing / Francisco Suárez and the Foundations of Political Authority

Find out Quaestio's 18th issue, divided into two sections: "The Question of the Thing" (edited by Francesco Marrone), and "Francisco Suárez and the Foundations of Political Authority" (edited by Costantino Esposito). More information Table of Contents The Question of the Thing Edited [...]

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