“Parts, Wholes, and Matter in Early Modern Natural Philosophy”, ed. by Simone Guidi

More information and purchase Bruniana & Campanelliana 2022/1 features a special section, edited by Simone Guidi, on "Parts, Wholes, and Matter in Early Modern Natural Philosophy". Section Contents: Simone Guidi, Introduction; Andrew W. Arlig, Part-Whole Interdependence and the Presence of [...]

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“Nel labirinto della materia. Il dibattito filosofico e teologico dalla tarda antichità all’età moderna”, ed by C. Altini, B. Cavarra, G. Cerro

More information and purchase The essays composing this volume investigate the stratifications and changes in the evolution of theories of matter in the philosophical and theological tradition. They also investigate cases and crucial moments for the definition of the different [...]

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