“The Mechanization of the Natural World, 1300-1700” – 25-28 May 2023 @ Stockholm University

Mechanism or mechanical philosophy as defended by philosophers like Thomas Hobbes, René Descartes and Pierre Gassendi, offering a general picture of how the physical world is to be explained, is often seen as a replacement and rival to Aristotelianism. This [...]

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“Atoms, Corpuscles and Minima in the Renaissance”, ed. by Christoph Lüthy and Elena Nicoli

More information and purchase The Renaissance witnessed an upsurge in explanations of natural events in terms of invisibly small particles – atoms, corpuscles, minima, monads and particles. The reasons for this development are as varied as are the entities that [...]

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“Parts, Wholes, and Matter in Early Modern Natural Philosophy”, ed. by Simone Guidi

More information and purchase Bruniana & Campanelliana 2022/1 features a special section, edited by Simone Guidi, on "Parts, Wholes, and Matter in Early Modern Natural Philosophy". Section Contents: Simone Guidi, Introduction; Andrew W. Arlig, Part-Whole Interdependence and the Presence of [...]

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