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Aristotelianism, libertinism, erudition are philosophical currents evolving over the entire seventeenth century in Italy, and their results cannot be enclosed in strict definitions. Moving against the background of epochal events, such as Galilei’s condemnation, and following the traces of intellectuals and philosophers – especially Fortunio Liceti and Gabriel Naudé – Oreste Trabucco’s book portrays a fresh and innovative picture of seventeenth-century Rome, focusing in particular on its relations with the Italians and foreign centers of culture.

Oreste Trabucco is Associate Professor of History of Modern Philosophy at the University of Bergamo. He devoted his research in particular to sixteenth and seventeenth-century thought. He edited critical editions of works by Giovan Battista della Porta and worked on the relationship between scientific and philosophical culture.

Table of Contents:

  • Premessa
  • Fortunio Liceti. Un aristotelico nella repubblica delle lettere
  • Un episodio di autocensura dopo l’affaire Galileo nella corrispondenza tra Fortunio Liceti e Marco Aurelio Severino .
  • Iatrophilologia. Libertinage érudit ed erudizione italiana
  • Appendice
  • Indice dei nomi