American Catholic Philosophical QuarterlyThis special issue of the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2019, 93), edited by Petr Dvořák and Jacob Schmutz, is entirely devoted to Baroque Scholasticism, with the contribution of some of the most relevant specialists in the field.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Special Issue on Baroque Scholasticism, Petr Dvořák and Jacob Schmutz
  • The Knowledge of God’s Quid Sit in Dominican Theology: From Saint Thomas to Ferrariensis, Igor Agostini
  • Theology as Wisdom: Renaissance and Modern Scholastic Commentaries on Aquinas, Tomáš Machula
  • Early Modern Scotists and Eudaimonism: The Affection for Advantage and the Affection for Justice, Sydney Penner
  • Vásquez’s Anselmian Response to Wycliffian Deterministic Arguments, Petr Dvořák
  • How Pure a Potency? Prime Matter in Post-Mediæval Thomism, Lukáš Novák
  • A Jesuit Debate about the Modes of Union: Francisco Suárez vs. Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza, Jean-Pascal Anfray
  • Scholastic Social Epistemology in the Baroque Era, Rudolf Schuessler
  • Metaphysica Valeriani Magni: The Doctrine on God and the World for Those Who Love God, Tomáš Nejeschleba