Dicionário do Curso Filosófico Conimbricense - Mário Santiago de Carvalho

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With more than five-hundred entries, the present Dictionary (published, in Portuguese, by Palimage) is the result of one of the multiple lines of research carried out by the Institute for Philosophical Studies at the University of Coimbra. It is the first and only working tool providing systematic and exhaustive access to the contents of the famous Cursus Conimbricensis. An extremely useful lexical and conceptual map of the Cursus, regardless of the level of reading and the degree of interpretation sought by philosophers, philologists, historians of ideas and other interested parties, whether in the philosophy of Aristotle, either in its unprecedented global repercussion, or in the philosophical production of our country. Consequently, this Dictionary tries to definitely place the “Coimbra School” in the overall philosophical historiography, supporting the growing investigation around a philosophical Commentary that has become a rare case in Western philosophy.

Mário Santiago de Carvalho (1958) is a Full Professor of Philosophy at the University of Coimbra and the Scientific Coordinator of the R&D Unit, Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos (IEF). Author of several books and papers related to his main philosophical fields of research – Portuguese Aristotelianism, Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Music – he has taught at other Universities, in Portugal and abroad, has translated Greek and Latin philosophical texts, and is currently supervising the bilingual edition of the Commentarii Collegii Conimbricensis Societatis Iesu.