Simone Guidi L'angelo e la macchina Sulla genesi della res cogitans cartesiana Franco Angeli 2018“L’angelo e la macchina. Sulla genesi della res cogitans cartesiana” is a book by Dr. Simone Guidi, published by FrancoAngeli, Italy in 2018, preface by Prof. Mário Santiago de Carvalho. The book provides with an exhaustive reading of the Scholastic angelological and psychological Medieval and Early Modern debate about the concepts of “separated intelligence” and “separated soul”, showing a continuity between it and the elaboration of Descartes’ body-mind dualism. More information on the Publisher’s websiteRead a Preview

Simone Guidi (1984) is FCT Post-Doc Research Fellow at the University of Coimbra’s Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos (IEF). In 2018 he received the Italian National Abilitation (ASN) as Associate Professor of History of Philosophy (11/c5). He is the managing editor of the international peer-reviewed WoS journal of Philosophy Lo Sguardo and an editor of Azimuth. Philosophical Coordinates Between Modern and Contemporary Age. In 2013 he received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from La Sapienza, University of Rome, dealing with the scholastic sources of Descartes’ dualism. Among his publications are L’angelo e la macchina. Sulla genesi della res cogitans cartesiana, FrancoAngeli, Milan 2018, and many essays and encyclopedia entries on Medieval, Early modern and Contemporary philosophy.


  • Premessa. La ragione degli uomini, l’intuito degli angeli
  • “Immunitas a materia”. Anime separabili e angeli incorporei in Tommaso d’Aquino
  • Pro forma. Evoluzioni e trasformazioni dell’ilemorfismo
  • “Se ipsum incorporeum reddere”. Sul ritorno di Platone e la scoperta del cogito
  • “Il faudrait donc prouver que l’ame peut penser sans le corps”. Dal cogito alla res cogitans
  • Angelus patiens. Unione, coestensione e passioni della mens
  • Bibliografia.