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This book presents a collection of selected essays from the papers presented to the international conference on Plato’s Parmenides on the occasion of the 2nd Meeting of the Mediterranean Section of the International Plato Society (Coimbra, 14-16 June 2012). It opens with an introduction to the different approaches to this most challenging dialogue taken by the contributors of the volume. Samuel Scolnicov helpfully brings together the theoretical and ethical dimensions of the Parmenides. Luc Brisson, Néstor Cordero, Maurizio Migliori, Franco Trabattoni, Francesco Fronterotta, Mario Jorge Carvalho, J.D.Bares Partal, Beatriz Bossi, Francesca Pizzuti, and Gabriele Cornelli present an in-depth analysis and commentary of the main topics of the first and second part of the dialogue from different points of view. The book also includes further clarification of interpretation problems and the reception of this dialogue in late Antiquity and Renaissance.

Maria do Céu Fialho, University of Coimbra is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Art and Humanities of the University of Coimbra, Maria do Céu Grácio Zambujo Fialho’s research interests focus on literary studies, languages, and Classical literature and their reception.
António Manuel Martins, University of Coimbra is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Coimbra and a member of the Research Unit Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos. His research concentrates on questions involving epistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy and political philosophy. He authored articles on Ancient Philosophy, Early Modern Aristotelianism, Kant, Rawls, Human Rights.