“Aquinas on Cognition”, 22-24 November 2024 (Call for Abstracts)

More information Aims of the Conference For Thomas Aquinas, ‘cognitio’ had an extremely wide range. It included external sensations like seeing, hearing and smelling, and internal sensations like imagining and remembering, intellectual acts like apprehension, judgment, and reasoning, and even supernatural acts like faith [...]

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SIEPM Colloquium: “Communities of Debate: Collective Intellectual Practice in Medieval Philosophical Thought”, Prague, 4-6 September 2024

More information Although scholars in the middle ages are often presented as lone actors who produced highly-individual texts, their works are often the result of several levels of collective work that provided the necessary foundation for their independent effort, as [...]

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“Attention et distraction à l’âge classique”, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 24-25 May 2024

More information Organisation : Paul Rateau et Mélanie Zappulla Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - HIPHIMO Du : Vendredi 24 mai 2024at 09:45 Au : Samedi 25 mai 2024 at 16:30 Programme VENDREDI 24 MAI 2024 Session 1 (9h45-12h30): L’attention et la distraction : la formulation du [...]

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“Paduan Philosophy from the 15th Century to the Threshold of Modernity” ed. by G. Catapano, C. Martini, R. Salis, Medioevo, 2022

More information This special issue of "Medioevo" is devoted to "Paduan Philosophy from the 15th Century to the Threshold of Modernity", edited by Giovanni Catapano, Cecilia Martini, Rita Salis. Contents: Giovanni Catapano – Cecilia Martini – Rita Salis, Presentazione, pp. 7-11. Alessandro [...]

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“Early Modern Transformations and Adaptations of the Aristotelian Scientific Vocabulary”, Seminar Series, October-December 2024, Online

More information This international online seminar series is organized by Simone Guidi and Enrico Pasini at the CNR's Institute for the european intellectual lexicon and history of ideas (CNR-ILIESI) and is associated with a forthcoming special issue of the Aristotelica [...]

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