“Mirabilis Scientiae Fundamenta: Der Anfang Der Kartesischen Philosophie”, ed. by D. Arbib , V. Carraud , E. Mehl , W. Schweidler

More information and purchase The Lord gave it to him in his sleep... Four hundred years ago, in Neuburg, René Descartes dreamed up the method of "wonderful science" that was to become the foundation of rational science in modern times. An [...]

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“Descartes in the Classroom. Teaching Cartesian Philosophy in the Early Modern Age”, ed. by Davide Cellamare and Mattia Mantovani

More information and purchase The volume offers the first large-scale study of the teaching of Descartes’s philosophy in the early modern age. Its twenty chapters explore the clash between Descartes’s “new” philosophy and the established pedagogical practices and institutional concerns, [...]

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“Descartes and the Ingenium. The Embodied Soul in Cartesianism”, ed. by R. Garrod and A. Marr

More information and purchase Edited by Raphaële Garrod (Oxford) and Alexander Marr (Cambridge), “Descartes and the Ingenium” tracks the significance of embodied thought (ingenium) in the philosophical trajectory of the founding father of dualism. The first part of the book [...]

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“Les Passions de l’âme et leur réception philosophique”, edited by Giulia Belgioioso and Vincent Carraud

More information and purchase Les Passions de l'âme is Descartes's last published work. When it appeared in 1649, both in Amsterdam and in Paris, the philosopher was already in Stockholm, invited by Christine of Sweden. Yet, it is for sure [...]

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