The Department of Linguistics and Translation at the City University of Hong Kong offers up to two PhD positions in the area of History of Translation/Science Studies.

Topics related to Jesuit history, Jesuit presence in China and role in Sino-Western cross-cultural exchanges are especially welcome. 

Qualified applicants will be young international students and scholars or young professionals with research, scholarly experience and interest in the humanities and social sciences and fields such as history, history and sociology of science, translation studies, literary studies, or other related areas.

Topics of research include: the transmission and translation of Chinese book and material culture in the West, the translation of scientific knowledge in Asia, global intellectual exchanges and encounters in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific world, the Jesuit project of scientific translation in China and Japan, Sino-Western cross-cultural exchanges in early modern and modern China, or any other project involving a Western and non-Western language and culture and themes related to cross-cultural contact, communication and exchange in antiquity, early modern and modern periods.

Qualified applicants will be eligible for substantial funding through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (currently approximately US$40.000 yearly for 3 years plus conference funding each year, potentially further supplemented by research assistantships and teaching fellowships) and the City University of Hong Kong thereafter for longer projects.

Application procedure:

Step 1:
Applicants should first submit an initial application at the Research Grants Council (RGC) Online Application System (OAS) ( to obtain a RGC reference number (RGC’s deadline: 2 December 2019

[at 12 noon GMT +8 hours]).

Step 2:

Applicants are then required to submit a full application, together with supporting documents, to CityU’sOnline Admission System, and quote the RGC reference number (CityU’s deadline: 2 December 2019). Make reference to the History of Translation/Science Studies opportunity in your application materials.

For further information about admissions for this opportunity write to: or Dr. Florin-Stefan Morar at

Announcement of Fellowship results: March 2020